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Workhouse Building Specification

The original specification for building the Samford House of Industry in 1766

Anne Chandler, the Workhouse Poetess

Anne Chandler (1740-1814) lived in the Samford House of Industry for latter part of her life. She published several poems during her period there.

Workhouse Poems

Poems written about the inmates of the Samford House of Industry

Barney and Rachel Bullard

The story of Barney and Rachel Bullard as told by their grandson Vic Bullard. Barney and Rachel both ended their lives in the Tattingstone Workhouse.

Workhouse in WW1

The Workhouse in WW1 ... and how the Germans nearly came to Tattingstone!

Photos of St Marys Hospital

Several photographs of a ward and staff in St Marys Hospital.

Special thanks to Jane Kirk for providing these documents on the Workhouse and Hospital.

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Historical records

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